Yenra : Bluetooth : Bluetooth Printer Adapter : Dual Ports, both USB and Parallel

Bluetooth Printer Adapter

CSR's BlueCore silicon has been selected by CC&C Technologies to Bluetooth enable the CC&C BT-260 Bluetooth Printer Combo Adapter. The BT-260 is a Bluetooth printer adapter that offers both USB and parallel (1284) ports making it suitable for converting most PC compatible printers to wireless operation up to a range of 100 meters.

Because the BT-260 supports both USB and 1284 (parallel) port printers, the Bluetooth adapter is ideally suited for both home and office use. The dual-port BT-260 can be plugged into virtually any PC compatible printer to wirelessly network the office. In the home, the Bluetooth Class 1 device provides up to 100m range of Bluetooth connectivity and would, for example, enable a user to work on a notebook PC at the breakfast table and send print commands to the printer, which is conveniently tucked away under the bed.

CSR's BlueCore Bluetooth solution has been implemented into CC&C's BT-260 Bluetooth printer adapter with the necessary profiles to choose from. The BT-260 implements both HCRP (Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile) and SPP (Serial Port Profile) profiles, thus ensuring compatibility with PC Bluetooth adapters. CC&C was involved in the development of both SPP and HCRP profiles so is well equipped to understand the intricacies of developing workable Bluetooth solutions.