Yenra : Bluetooth : Bluetooth Module : Wireless technology for embedded applications

Surface Mount

A new Bluetooth surface-mount type wireless technology module for embedded applications from Fujitsu features a small footprint, a UART hardware interface, a high-rank protocol stack, and GAP profiles to reduce the burden on the host CPU. Users are able to choose between the Host Controller Interface (HCI) and the Serial Port Profile (SPP) interface. As the latter includes the upper level protocol stack for serial communication, this design allows significant savings in software development, reducing time to market and cost. The software interface is a simple text-based command control.

The Power Class 2 module operates in the 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) band and provides an output of +4dBm max, and a receiver sensitivity of -70dBm. The module operates from a 2.2 to 3.6Vdc supply and offers a power consumption of just 30microA in Deep Sleep Mode.

FME has also developed an applications board, which incorporates a Fujitsu microcontroller and integrated memory in addition to the Bluetooth module. Prototype boards are currently being tested and will soon be available with software examples and source code. This allows customers to build and test very fast stand-alone systems such as hand held products or other mobile devices with low current consumption for wireless communications.

Add an external antenna and the MBH7BTZ03 can create Bluetooth wireless technology enabled products.