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Bluetooth Car Stereo

Impulsesoft today announced the launch of iWIND - Impulsesoft Wireless Stereo Kit for Automotive applications. This solution provides complete support for both stereo and voice applications, making it easy for automotive customers to integrate Bluetooth into their telematic platform.

iWIND addresses the increasingly demanding needs of the automotive market to add wireless entertainment capability to the telematic platform. It includes hardware reference design and software components for adding Bluetooth stereo and voice capability to automotive applications. iWIND features enhanced versions of Impulsesoft's highly successful reference designs for stereo adapter (iWISA) and headphone (iWISH). Some of the key enhancements include the Remote Control feature, and user-selectable multi-channel transmission and reception in iWISH and iWISA. Additionally, iWIND supports handsfree and headset profiles thereby making it simpler for automotive OEM customers to migrate existing voice-only Bluetooth solutions to a superior platform with voice and stereo capability. iWIND also provides optional echo and noise cancellation software to deliver superior quality audio for the automotive environment.

iWIND is designed to solve real world problems for automotive OEMs, and gives them the time to market advantage. Some of the applications that iWIND wireless enables include rear seat entertainment, streaming music from personal jukebox to the car's telematic platform, multi-channel transmission and reception, and handsfree cellular telephony.