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Bluetooth Audio

Impulsesoft and PortalPlayer have released high quality Bluetooth stereo audio solution for portable music players. The solution provides a ready-to-manufacture implementation for both the Bluetooth-enabled portable player and the Bluetooth stereo headphone.

The complete Bluetooth solution for portable device and headphone eliminates the need for OEM development reducing development cost and time. The solution uses PortalPlayer's audio system-on-chip and firmware and Impulsesoft's Bluetooth components, while the stereo headphone is based on iWISH -- Impulsesoft Wireless Stereo Headphone. Built around iBTStack -- Impulsesoft's embedded Bluetooth protocol stack, and PortalPlayer's Development Platform, the solution delivers 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz, 16-bit stereo at a low bill-of-material cost and with long battery life. With Bluetooth 1.1 compliant software and support for Advanced Audio Distribution profile (A2DP), the solution guarantees interoperability with any other A2DP compliant Bluetooth solution.

The Impulsesoft/PortalPlayer solution is ideal for OEMs looking to provide wireless capability as an extension to their existing digital audio product lines, as well as for OEMs seeking to enter the portable player market by providing wireless capability as a strategic advantage.