Yenra : Bluetooth : Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit for Skype : Hands-free conferencing using a wireless connection

Conference Kit

ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit for Skype from TRENDnet enables hands-free Voice over IP conferencing for small businesses anywhere in the office using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

The kit includes a conference phone base unit and a USB Class 1 Bluetooth adapter. Together they create a long-range Bluetooth connection that provides high quality conferencing anywhere within a 328-foot range.

The conference phone's integrated LCD screen and touchpad offer easy control and viewing of Skype contacts, call history, and status. Users place and receive calls and control Skype content directly from the conference phone.

The conference phone has over four hours of talk time and seventy-two hours of standby time. It is recharged through a USB connection to your computer. The conference phone also features acoustic echo cancellation technology, noise suppression, headset support, and a multi-language interface.