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AirClic today announced the availability of AirClic AC25 - a universal barcode scanning accessory for intelligent Motorola handsets. Used in tandem with AirClic's powerful Web services, the AC25 solutions multiply customers' choices of wireless handsets and networks.

The AC25 solution works with both Java and Microsoft SmartPhone environments and takes advantage of AirClic's flexible and easy-to-use Web services to offer unparalleled ease-of-use and flexibility. The device supports both GSM/GPRS and iDEN networks, and uses standard carrier OTA technology. For example, customers can use the AC25 with the popular Motorola T720i handset operating on the GSM/GPRS network, and seamlessly extend the solution to the new Motorola V300 model on the same network or the i90 or i95cl models on the iDEN network.

The AC25 is lightweight, portable and detachable (with a form factor similar to popular cell phone camera accessories). It reads barcodes in UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, I 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Codabar, and MSI Plessey symbologies, and features a dedicated button for scanning and a pass-through CE bus connector for serial printer connectivity or for scanning while charging the handset.

"AirClic's family of AC25 solutions enable users to easily extend their mobile information solutions without committing to proprietary technologies," said Peter B. Ritz, AirClic's president and co-founder. "We developed the AC25 in response to customer demand for a solution that supports current and future form factors and operating environments. The flexibility and ease-of-use represented by the AC25 underscore AirClic's commitment to device independence pioneered with its AC10 accessory for SonyEricsson handsets and its support for the AC20 solution for certain iDEN phones."

Future additions to the AC25 family will include support for optical scanning of 2D symbologies, carrier and handset independent global positioning (GPS) capabilities, as well as radio frequency technology (RFID) support.

AirClic's mobile information solutions satisfy a critical need - providing device independence and solution continuity across a wide spectrum of wireless technologies. Companies deploying mobile information solutions face a complex, fragmented technology landscape of devices, operating systems, and wireless networks. This usually results in companies making high capital investment for specialized devices with minimal near-term ROI, or dedicating themselves to a particular handset form factor, operating system, and wireless technology that will soon be rendered obsolete by the ever-churning technology treadmill.

AirClic overcomes these complexities by providing cost-effective solutions using latest common off-the-shelf technologies operating over existing wireless networks. New mobile handsets and wireless technologies can be seamlessly deployed across the existing solution.