Yenra : 3G : Multi-Band Radio Module : Tri-band WCDMA and quad-band GSM EDGE subsystem designed around a single-chip CMOS RF transceiver

Multi-Band Radio Module

Sirific's EM3200 is the mobile industry's smallest multi-band HSDPA / WEDGE radio evaluation module for 3.5G mobile applications. It incorporates a complete tri-band WCDMA (bands I, II and V), quad-band GSM / EDGE radio subsystem, which is designed around Sirific's SW3200 single-chip CMOS RF transceiver. The compact multi-band radio module incorporates fewer than 130 components in a board area of less than 7.0 cm2.

Central to the EM3200 radio evaluation module is Sirific's SW3200 HSDPA / WEDGE RF transceiver, a featured product in Sirific's Nexus III family of 3.5G single-chip CMOS RF transceivers. This highly integrated multi-band RF transceiver chip supports transmit and receive operation in all four EDGE, GPRS, and GSM bands as well as five WCDMA.

The EM3200 features WCDMA radio front-end components from TriQuint. TriQuint's cellular and PCS band Tx modules both implement a highly efficient linear power amplifier, Tx RF SAW filter, and Rx/Tx duplexer in a compact design. These high-performance modules, coupled with Sirific's SW3200 single-chip CMOS RF transceiver, create a multi-band HSDPA / WEDGE radio subsystem that excels in performance, size, cost, and power efficiency.

The EM3200 kit, which includes radio module hardware, documentation and technical support, is available now to mobile handset designers for $950.