Yenra : 3G : 3G Video Call Speed : Reduces video call setup time, decreases stack memory footprints, and facilitates portability to various platforms


Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions, announced today the general availability of version 4.0 of their H.324M/3G-324M multimedia protocol stack. The new stack incorporates some key features, including AnswerFast, that enhance the quality of user experience, add greater flexibility to the developer, and reduce development effort.

H.324M/3G-324M is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) protocol of choice for offering delay-sensitive multimedia services such as video telephony, video conferencing, video-mail and real-time streaming over 3G networks. Depending on the protocol stack implementation, call set up times range from 6 to 12 seconds. With Dilithium Networks' AnswerFast technology, this is reduced by 40-50 percent. This reduction substantially enhances user experience while still complying with the H.324M/3G-324M standard.

"Dilithium Networks has been shipping the H.324M/3G-324M stack since 1999 and offers one of the most mature and interoperable implementations of the stack today," said Art Bailey, vice president of worldwide engineering at Dilithium Networks. "The latest release of our stack represents a key milestone which makes the stack even more developer friendly, reduces memory footprint and incorporates AnswerFast -- another significant advantage of the Dilithium Networks' stack implementation."

Dilithium Networks' H.324M/3G-324M stack is used by market-leading handset vendors, network equipment vendors and semiconductor vendors throughout the world. Dilithium Networks has participated in every International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) H.324M interoperability event since 2001 and has considerable expertise in the H.324M/3G-324M standard. The stack is available on a variety of platforms and Operating Systems.

Dilithium Networks also offers the Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA) which is the only 3G-324M protocol analysis and troubleshooting tool on the market. The DNA based on Dilithium Networks' H.324M/3G-324M stack is recognized as the industry reference platform for network and terminal OEMs, and mobile operators to troubleshoot interoperability problems.

Dilithium Networks delivers multimedia solutions to much of the world's mobile infrastructure industry, providing solutions for interconnecting networks and terminals to enable seamless, efficient transport of voice and video.