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3G Testing

UbiNetics has delivered new network load generators to major 3G operators in Europe.

The UbiNetics LG200 Load Generator is a powerful, flexible network test system that allows infrastructure manufacturers and operators to simulate real-world network conditions in a lab environment. The system can be configured to perform many different test scenarios ranging from straightforward load testing to verifying the interoperability between mobiles and the network under test.

"Verifying the performance of complex multi-mode networks is a really challenging task", said Neil Peniket, Vice President, System Test Products at UbiNetics. "Thorough network testing will be essential to the success of future mobile services, and the ability to run tests in a carefully controlled, deterministic way will help manufacturers and operators to fully understand any issues affecting network reliability and integrity"

A key feature of the LG200 is the high degree of RF screening provided for the terminals used in the system, coupled with a high performance RF attenuation and combining unit. This allows for precise control over signal levels, allowing realistic testing of key features such as soft handover.

UbiNetics understands that as networks (and phones) mature and new challenges arise test tools must also evolve to support new requirements. The LG200 has been designed from the outset to be adaptable and re-configurable to meet these needs, allowing users to continue to benefit from their strategic investment for many years to come.

UbiNetics supplies innovative 3G, 2.5G, and 2G IP solutions for chipset and terminal manufacturers and 3G test and measurement equipment, including WCDMA interoperability testing.

UbiNetics also provides 2G, 2.5G, 3G and HSDPA protocol software and physical layer IP for use by chipset and handset developers and manufacturers. Furthermore, ODMs can take advantage of UbiNetics' embedded modules and reference designs for 3G handsets.