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3d Printer

3D Systems has begun to display finely-detailed, intricate parts produced on its new InVision HR (high-resolution) 3-D printer.

Enhancing the InVision 3-D printer technology platform to address a specific customer segment need, 3D Systems has developed a high-resolution, simple, fast, reliable and economical solid imaging solution designed specifically for the jewelry industry. The high-resolution capability enables jewelry manufacturers to produce fine-feature, highly detailed parts in a day, reliably and at an affordable price. The InVision HR 3-D printer is the second 3-D printer solution to be introduced by 3D Systems within a few short months following the InVision 3-D printer, which was introduced in October 2003. The InVision HR 3-D printer is capable of significantly higher resolution than the standard InVision 3-D printer and will be priced at $59,900 US. High-resolution parts are used for jewelry design validation, communication, aesthetics and as direct patterns for flask casting. 3D Systems plans to commence shipments of its InVision HR 3-D printer as of July 1st 2004.

"The rapid development and quick introduction of our InVision HR 3-D printer is yet another example of the renewed focus and commitment 3D Systems has on improving our customers' bottom-line," said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' Chief Executive Officer.

"With the introduction of the Viper SLA system in 2002 we gained a great deal of knowledge and experience about our specific jewelry customers' needs. Armed with this valuable customer knowledge, we further developed and quickly introduced a specialized stereolithography material, Amethyst SL material. The combination of the Amethyst SL material, the Viper SLA system, application engineering and comprehensive suite of customer services delivers a high-end expert solution to the Jewelry industry. Now, in order to meet the needs of a broader customer base within the Jewelry industry, we plan to introduce the InVision HR 3-D printer along with proprietary VisiJet jewelry materials."

3D Systems provides solid imaging products and systems solutions that reduce the time and cost of designing products and facilitate direct and indirect manufacturing. Its systems utilize patented proprietary technologies to create physical objects from digital input that can be used in design communication, prototyping, and as functional end-use parts.