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3D Machine

3D Systems announced the availability of the Sinterstation HiQ SLS System Upgrade Package. Within one month of the successful launch of its new manufacturing capable Sinterstation HiQ SLS system, 3D Systems, working closely with lead customers, designed the upgrade package to provide its existing customers with a clear path to state of the art manufacturing-capable systems. Customers choosing to upgrade their existing systems with the Sinterstation HiQ SLS system Upgrade Package will benefit from increased productivity, reduced operating costs, improved system performance, enhanced accuracy, and better consistency. The feature packed upgrade is yet another example of 3D Systems' commitment to significantly improving its customers' bottom line. The Sinterstation HiQ Upgrade Package is compatible with all Sinterstation 2500plus and Vanguard SLS systems.

"We are pleased to bring to our dedicated sintering customers a clear upgrade path that is the key enabling technology for end-part manufacturing," said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer. "As part of our strategic initiative to provide the industry an alternative to traditional manufacturing platforms, the Sinterstation HiQ SLS System Upgrade provides consistent part quality from build-to-build and system to system.

"In July, we commercialize our first ever manufacturing-capable machine: the Sinterstation HiQ SLS system. This new generation Selective Laser Sintering system enables manufacturing companies to customize and mass-produce high-quality, end-use parts and tools, consistently and economically from selected plastic and metal powders on demand. We are delighted to be able to bring to customers of our legacy systems the same features and benefits of significant model quality enhancement, improved user friendliness, simplified set-up, higher productivity and better material usage. We are grateful to all of our customers for helping us develop and commercialize this unique package," concluded Reichental.

In addition to the Sinterstation HiQ SLS system upgrade, 3D Systems offers a High Speed (HS) upgrade: Sinterstation High Q HS SLS system. For legacy customers seeking increased throughput, the Sinterstation HiQ HS SLS system upgrade package can improve throughput on all Vanguard 2500 plus and Vanguard SLS systems up to 1.8 times.

3D Systems provides customer-driven solid imaging products and systems solutions that reduce the time and cost of designing products and facilitate direct and indirect manufacturing. Its systems utilize patented proprietary technologies to create physical objects from digital input that can be used in design communication, prototyping, and as functional end-use parts.