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Vessels costing 1.6 billion dollars, covering 3 million square feet on land and water, grace our coastline today: the world's largest gathering of luxury yachts. But Supremo Italian boating company, Cranchi leads the world by presenting aircraft technology on pleasure boats.

Cranchi has launched a 27 foot 2-sleeper which has all the experts guessing. They already manufacture boats in 5 classes - so why the big fuss? Because this is a nautical breakthrough.

The story began 130 years ago with the construction of small, wooden lake boats on the shore at San Giovanni di Bellagio at Lake Como, Northern Italy. In 1870 Cranchi boats ferried people, food and military equipment for a pittance. Today Cranchi boats are sought globally by Glitterati and sailing aficionados alike.

Cranchi is the only major player still family owned and run. Fifth generation staff members say that this is the secret of their success. In a coveted high security ISO 9001 environment, new construction and application techniques at the Cranchi factory have led to the discovery of a single unit hull system.

"We cannot build the boats of the future using the technology of the past," says Aldo Cranchi, who roams the factory overseeing every aspect of production. "Today's customers have high expectations - they demand safety, speed, comfort and style." In this case, the customer is getting it all. Cranchi is justifiably proud of the product, "Cranchi have compromised on nothing and yet they have delivered a boat for under $90,000."

In this business, beauty and sophistication is commonplace. The market leading Cranchi boat now costs less than the traditional cheap and cheerful brands and Americans are queuing up for it - demand outstrips supply at Cranchi Florida.