Yenra : Wireless : XRF Technology : City of Lancaster, California First to Install Revolutionary New Wireless Communications Technology

Lancaster California

The growing desert city of Lancaster, California, will become the first city in the nation to install the next generation of wireless communications technology developed by Los Angeles based XRF Technologies.

With a population of 125,000, Lancaster will initially use XRF technology for high-speed Internet access with future plans to deploy the unique capabilities of XRF technology for Voice Over IP, use by city inspectors, other city staff, and eventually first responder programs such as fire, police, emergency services, homeland security programs.

"XRF's revolutionary technology promises to permanently alter the landscape of the wireless industry with its unique operational characteristics of tremendous speed and massive capacity" said Byron del Castillo, XRF Chief Technology Officer and co-inventor of XRF's proprietary technology.

A key characteristic of XRF technology is it will provide that "last mile" solution to transmitting voice, data, and video, simultaneously, at speeds far exceeding current commercially available technology.

With a per unit range of up to 15 miles and data transmission speeds in excess of 500 megabytes per second, XRF technology and equipment can provide high speed Internet access, voice, HDTV, and other data transmission at speeds 300 times faster than T-1 technology making it one of the fastest commercially available technologies for communications and data transmission.

XRF technology works with a wide variety of equipment; personal computers for Internet access, television for high definition television broadcasts, HVAC units for environmental controls, telephones, security monitoring systems, power management systems, utility meters, in addition to speed and high bandwidth, XRF technology offers tremendous deployment flexibility.

Major advantages of XRF technology is its relatively low per unit cost, low installation cost, easy upgradability, high reliability, alternate path routing through a multi-layered mesh network wireless architecture, application flexibility, high speed transmission exceeding other commercially available technologies, ability to transmit voice, data, and video over the same line simultaneously with exceptional speed, and with military grade security. It will also be compatible with all existing and future licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies.