Yenra : XML : XML Server : XML-native, self-serve reporting access to enterprise content

Panscopic today announced that it has integrated the Panscopic Scope Server reporting solution with Software AG's Tamino XML Server. The combination provides self-serve access to XML content and, by maintaining XML's native structure, allows users to easily combine XML data with non-XML data. The combined solution leverages existing J2EE and application server infrastructures, is much faster than custom coding alternatives and is a cost-effective means to visualize XML content. With self-serve reporting access to enterprise content via native XML, presentation and reporting are quickly and seamlessly enabled, with virtually zero delay between content storage and user accessibility. Authorized users have secure access to current business data when they need it -- a key competitive advantage.

"Panscopic's Java reporting application is unique in its ability to preserve the structure inherent in XML data, and to present the information in a manner that reflects its structure," said Mike McDowell, Vice President of Business Development for Software AG, Inc. "This ability, along with Panscopic's support for Tamino's XQuery interface, allows the application developer to translate data retrieved from an XML store into valuable information."

The new solution gives customers the ability to report off of information stored inside Tamino XML Server without shredding the XML data (without destroying its descriptive structure); the power to combine, filter, and aggregate information from multiple documents stored in Tamino XML Server with XQuery; and support for interactive reporting on Tamino XML data using XQuery.

Panscopic and Software AG will work together to provide technical integration between the Panscopic Scope Server product and Software AG's Tamino XML Server, and will also engage in joint marketing activities.

"The tight integration of our J2EE reporting solution with Software AG's Tamino XML Server will enable self-serve presentation of XML data in a fraction of the time and expense associated with non XML-native solutions," said Al Campa, CEO of Panscopic.