Yenra : XML : XML Parser : Application-Specific XML Parser and Embedded Database

Encirq Corporation today announced that it has partnered with RainCode, a Belgium-based leading developer of language-processing software tools, to integrate XMLBooster with Encirq 3e. XMLBooster is the leading application-specific XML parser generator that enables developers to create small, fast XML parsers for their application. The combination of Encirq 3e Database Suite and XMLBooster enables embedded systems developers to create extremely compact, high-performance databases that will interface to XML data.

Encirq 3e enables developers to generate application-specific data management components for their embedded application. Using a strongly typed language, developers simply specify the data logic that their application needs, and C-language source code implementing the exact data logic needed by their application, is generated. Not only do developers benefit from increased productivity, they also get the automatic generation of high-end database features like rollback and recovery, as well as exception handling and transaction support.

"Increasingly embedded devices are communicating with other devices using standards-based methods such as XML," said Mark Vogel, founder and CEO of Encirq Corporation. "By seamlessly integrating XMLBooster and Encirq 3e, it is now simple for developers to create applications that import data in XML format into their database."

"XMLBooster is the fastest XML parsing solution available today. It generates application-specific parsers that are five to fifty times faster than generic parsers and require 60 to 90% less memory," said Darius Blasband, Managing Director of RainCode. "Combine this with Encirq 3e's rapid design tools and we have a product that puts embedded developers on the fast track to develop database applications with XML elements."