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The XML Technology Certification Committee announced today that an XML certification program, a certification standard for XML professionals, is now available in approximately 4,000 Authorized Prometric Testing Centers in 121 countries around the world.

The XML Master Certification Program began in October 2001 in Japan with the goal of offering standardized levels of XML-related system design skills and software development ability. XML represents one of the most rapidly expanding programming technologies worldwide. Today, the XML Master certification has become a highly sought-after professional accomplishment, with over 6,000 individuals receiving their XML Master certificate over the last two years since the examination began. The certification's highly favorable reputation in Japan, combined with a growing number of requests from around the world, prompted the Committee to make the XML Master examination available worldwide.

"This is a great opportunity for IT engineers around the world to receive an objective and fair assessment of their XML technology skills", said Nobuo Saito, the XML Technology Certification Committee Chairman and Associate Chairperson of W3C. "Ever since XML was first developed by W3C in 1998, XML has become an increasingly significant and fundamental technology in the IT industry, together with new technologies such as Web Services and Grid Computing. The XML Master is already the de-facto standard in Japan, and recognized by many IT corporations here, I believe the availability of certification outside Japan will provide similar value for engineers, and IT companies, around the world."

As of today, the XML basic skills examination ("XML Master Basic") is available in English worldwide (Exam Number: I10-001). The application fee is US$125, and those passing the examination receive an XML Master certificate, as well as a logo mark for use on business cards, etc. The Committee is planning to release the "XML Master Professional" examination (the next level above "XML Master Basic") in English in the near future.

In addition, the XML Technology Certification Committee plans to authorize XML Master preparation programs in various countries around the world, granting the status of "XML Master Certification Course" to those qualifying courses.

XML Master is a certification program designed to objectively assess a software engineer's XML-related system design and software development skills. The XML Technology Certification Committee has been established as an advisory body to help determine the appropriate examination scope and questions that will be of actual benefit to XML professionals in their work.