Yenra : Wireless : Wireless Video Conferencing : VoIP and full-motion video communication over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks to create video conferences that can be billed

Wireless Video Conferencing

The Management Network Group is showcasing advanced wireless billing management and an IP-based broadband video conferencing solution at the Wireless Technology Lab (WTL) Open House on Thursday, April 29 in La Jolla, California.

The Wireless Technology Lab, a partnership between TMNG and inCode will highlight high speed, wireless data access solutions for carriers and the enterprises. Live demonstrations will including a simulation of the end user experience of the first billing management system for wireless messaging, as well as a wireless video conferencing solution using wireless over IP.

TMNG's Balance Management demonstration will reveal how real-time rating can interact with a Multi-Media Messaging Server to control the movement of pictures or other content from one telephone to another, based on the amount of money in a user's account. The interaction of content servers with an advanced Balance Management system provides a new dimension of control for carriers over their product offerings.

ADC, whose network equipment, software, and systems integration services make broadband communications a reality worldwide, and Openwave, will cooperate on the demonstration to show how a service provider can implement account controls, with a balance management application to manage the flow of MMS transactions using Openwave's Multimedia Messaging Services Center and ADC's Singl.eview dynamic transaction management platform.

Separately, TMNG will demonstrate a unique, wireless, IP-based broadband video conferencing solution. This first-of-its kind wireless demonstration will being together iPAQ and PC-based VoIP and full-motion video communication over both WiFi and UMTS-based networks to create video conference that can be billed by a commercially available software application.

TMNG developed the business and operational processes for this application, defined the system, functional and interface requirements, and developed and performed the end-to-end test and service assurance functions to insure the application could be provisioned, billed and maintained.

Open Lab Day Highlights:

Panel discussions on Wireless and IP: the capabilities, the applications and the concerns - Engaging industry executives executive-level representatives from carriers, large enterprises, and professional services firms in a lively and informative panel discussion on how carriers and vendors will play a part of society's move into ubiquitous, mobile, universal and transparent communications.