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Media Pilot

Wireless USB, developed by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation and co-marketed by Atmel Corporation, was engineered to address point-to-point and multipoint-to-point applications that today are largely served by proprietary solutions based on 27MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, and 900MHz technologies. With a data rate of 62.5kbps, an operating range of greater than 32 feet, and a strong signal that minimizes line-of-site requirements, Wireless USB offers a combination of performance, cost, and compatibility for PC and gaming peripherals, remote controls, and other wire replacement applications.

Wireless USB incorporates the ease of Plug-and-Play functionality of USB and provides PC BIOS support. Compared to multi-tiered network solutions, Wireless USB uses a very small data packet and is able to conserve battery power, since periodic network synchronization is not required. Wireless USB also offers immunity to interference that enables thousands of devices--including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, portable phones, and microwave ovens--to operate in close proximity to one another.

With its built-in mouse, integrated AV remote, and wireless, rechargeable multimedia keyboard, the Belkin Media Pilot integrates your PC with your home theater to create a complete multimedia center. The Media Pilot utilizes Cypress Semiconductor's Wireless USB technology in the 2.4GHz frequency range which, compared to traditional wireless keyboards, translates to: less interference; longer operating distances of up to 30 feet; longer battery life, and improved security.

Where traditional wireless keyboards offer a range of only 3-5 feet, the Media Pilot can operate at a distance of 30 feet. The base serves as a recharging station and charges through Plug-and-Play Wireless USB technology, removing the need for a bulky power supply and the need to frequently purchase batteries. The keyboard will not lose power from dying batteries either, since the Media Pilot can operate when it is charging in the dock or when it is being used wirelessly. The base includes a 10-button keypad and directional arrow keys to provide the convenience of a full-size keyboard.

The Media Pilot's integrated remote can control up to eight audio video devices, including a television, CD player, and DVD player. It has smart-remote capability that enables it to learn codes from your new and old audio and video components. Its built-in mouse is dual-thumb-controlled with three buttons, scroll wheel, and directional pad to move the cursor. Featuring multimedia programmability, its powerful software allows you to program up to 96 unique multimedia, office, software, and gaming functions.