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Entrepreneurs, analysts, and business development executives foretold the future of a global, wireless community with always-on capabilities and access to rich, visually dynamic content at a conference that explored the trends and technologies that will further society's understanding and use of mobile and wireless computing.

Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOmobile, said that "we have worked hard to bring together the top-of-the-line in thinkers, influencers, and engineers to help us see the pathway to a more satisfying mobile experience. As the conference closes, the overwhelming sense we have from these leaders is that the future is here. Ubiquitous computing is upon us. Societal adaptation is in progress. It is now up to the individual to embrace mobility, kick the tires of the wireless networks and push device and application usability to the extreme."

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Friday's program underscored developments in:

Of wireless and mobile innovations, Amy Francetic, producer of the conference, said that "true connectivity -- both in our homes and our businesses -- has arrived and one can't help but imagine the changes it will effect in our lives."