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On a day celebrating the freedom and convenience of wireless connectivity, thousands of unprepared users are logging on to the Internet, potentially creating a Hacker's Paradise unless appropriate Internet security measures are put in place. RedCannon Security, the newest guardian against Internet hackers, cyber criminals, Spammers and online stalkers, today is encouraging all Wi-Fi users participating in Intel's One Unwired Day to consider laptop security a high priority as they surf the Web or conduct their daily business from one of the free wireless hot spots.

"We're not just warning people about how hackers can use technology to sniff wireless traffic right out of the air, we're talking about an even more basic threat to Wi-Fi users -- people accessing your computer," said John Myung, vice president of marketing for RedCannon and a security consultant who has helped federal and state agencies investigate cyber criminals. "Most wireless users fail to realize the dangers of using wireless networks with unprotected computers. A hacker sipping on a latte three tables over can watch and record everything they are doing, steal sensitive passwords and files, or even place Trojan horses directly on their machine. One Unwired Day is a fabulous idea, but it's no excuse to go unprotected."

RedCannon has developed the following list of five security precautions users should take before they log-on wirelessly: