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Networkcar was awarded a patent titled "Wireless Diagnostic System and Method for Monitoring Vehicles."

The award describes a process and device for collecting diagnostic data through an in-vehicle connector, transmitting the data to a Web site and analyzing it to characterize a vehicle's performance. One application of this technology would be to provide a person access to a Web site that identifies and describes any electrical, mechanical or emissions malfunction that was detected with his vehicle. The patent also covers an in-vehicle system that collects diagnostic information from the host vehicle, and location information from a global positioning system (GPS), and then transmits this information to an Internet-accessible Web site. This patent adds to Networkcar's growing patent portfolio, which currently features 19 pending and issued U.S patents.

"This validates our leadership role in the development of remote diagnostics technology," said Networkcar President Dave Dutch. "Receiving this patent reinforces our belief that anyone deploying next generation automotive services will increasingly rely on Networkcar's cutting-edge diagnostic technology to enhance their business offerings."

It protects important new technology being developed by Networkcar in the field of wireless, remote diagnostics for cars and trucks. Networkcar expects the patent to foster licensing opportunities that will increase the use of remote diagnostic information throughout the automotive industry and in related businesses such as insurance.

Networkcar's system collects and organizes detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a GPS. Maintenance and operation information are transmitted wirelessly to an information center where it is made available to car owners, automotive dealerships and fleets in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, summary e-mail reports or easy-to-read Web pages. Networkcar's technology is compatible with virtually all cars and trucks manufactured since 1996.

Networkfleet provides around-the-clock services for monitoring the performance, location and security of consumer and fleet vehicles.

Reynolds and Reynolds provides integrated solutions that help automotive retailers manage change and improve their profitability.