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On November 17, 2009, WaveMarket announced that real-time location data from its Veriplace Location Platform will be included in the Microsoft Codename "Dallas" information service announced at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this week. Veriplace allows developers to remotely locate mobile devices while empowering end users with complete control of the privacy and security of their location. WaveMarket's Veriplace Location Aggregation Platform enables developers of Web, mobile Web, SMS, and voice applications a simple way to remotely locate tens of millions of feature phones and smartphones across multiple carriers via Veriplace's direct connections into Tier One carrier networks.

Veriplace already counts nearly 1,000 developer partners building successful location-aware services on the platform as the Veriplace developer community and Veriplace carrier coverage continue to grow rapidly. The Veriplace platform provides a single location API that eliminates the complexity of various location technologies, networks and devices. Furthermore, because the Veriplace platform leverages carrier location infrastructure, devices--both smartphones and feature phones--can be located indoors or outdoors using a variety of location technologies.