DADCO introduced two new 24kW discharge light fixtures, the groundbreaking Challenger and the G4 in September 2009. Both the industry-leading 24kW Challenger and the G4 are convertible, allowing the fixture to operate as either a 12, 18 or 24kW light. The Challenger and the G4 24kW lights are the first single source discharge lights that outperform the famous D/C powered carbon burning arcs, once the staple of the motion picture industry. For more than thirty years attempts have been made to perfect a single source fresnel light that would match the output of the carbon burning arc. The Challenger and G4 meet the challenge, producing 30% more light output than the 18kW discharge light. Both models are E.T.L. listed to U.L. standards and built by highly trained I.A.T.S.E.-Local 728 union craftsmen.