Nestle Crunch recipe change

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Sometimes one has to read the label to learn that a famous product is different. When Coca-Cola changed its recipe, the public was upset. In the age of social networking, opinions would have been stacked high. Nestle recently changed the recipe of Nestle Crunch, with the label saying "now even richer milk chocolate" and the company soliciting consumer opinions on a Facebook fan page. Since the recipe is secret, the company is not disclosing what changes were made. "Nestle Crunch lets fans of all ages feel like kids again, so you can bet they have definite opinions about what we've changed in our secret recipe," said Tricia Bowles, spokesperson, Nestle Confections & Snacks. "Some firmly believe we've made the milk chocolate more intense and rich, while others are equally confident that the rice crispies are packed with more crunch than ever before." Nestle Crunch is made of a unique combination of pure milk chocolate and crunchy, crisped rice. Since 1938, Nestle Crunch has been bringing out the kid in chocolate lovers all over the world. Today, Nestle Crunch has sparked the question, "What's behind the even more scrumptious taste?"