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To post music online, by itself or as the track of a video, requires the rights to use the music. The best way to ensure permission is to make the music oneself. But what should one do if one is not a musician? Does one need to know an instrument to make music? Not if one has the right audio programs, many of which are now packed with high-end technology and offer everything needed by both an absolute beginner or a gifted layman to musically express themselves. Music Maker audio software German software company Magix makes music production possible for just about anyone.

Today, most home video makers wish to add a custom soundtrack to their videos without having to learn to play an instrument, and this is exactly what the software package provides. For the last fifteen years, Music Maker has given anyone, with or without any musical base, the easiest, most clear introduction to music production. This is how the majority of people can express themselves musically and create their very own sound. Now, these expressions may be shared with the whole world thanks to direct connection of Magix Music Maker to pages like YouTube and MySpace. Make music with Magix: Music from the masses, for the masses.