Motorola iDEN integrated digital enhanced network - Yenra

Announced November 20, 2009, Motorola has acquired RadioFrame Networks' integrated digital enhanced network (iDEN) business. RadioFrame is a provider of lower cost, power efficient iDEN technology. Motorola's proprietary iDEN solution has proven to be an enduring cellular technology due to its innovative and differentiated end-user fast dispatch service and enterprise optimized talk-groups. RadioFrame's iDEN products will further enhance Motorola's portfolio for multi-channel base stations optimized to support non-contiguous spectrum allocations in the special mobile radio (SMR) business that are especially common outside North America. For Motorola's iDEN customers, RadioFrame's base stations can flexibly manage non-contiguous spectrum channels, and its technology offers a lower cost architecture with a highly efficient use of power amplifiers, a smaller physical footprint and more flexibility in site management. RadioFrame's iDEN technology also offers lower power consumption, lowering operating expenses. With this acquisition, Motorola can further enhance its push-to-talk technology roadmap plans for strengthened operational capability, end-user functionality and cost-effective expansion.