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On February 10-12, 2010, California Micro Devices is showcasing its LuxGuard family of solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and thermal management for high power, high brightness light emitting diode (LED) lighting applications at the Strategies in Light Conference and Exhibition in Santa Clara, California. CMD has shipped more than 300 million ESD protection circuits for high power HBLED applications units to customers since 2001. The market for high power HBLEDs has expanded beyond traditional market segments such as the status and alphanumeric display markets into a wider range of lighting applications including illumination; automotive; signage and residential and commercial lighting. The LuxGuard CM1753 and CM1754 feature a 50 volt breakdown voltage specification, delivering a robust 8kV HBM (Human Body Model) of ESD protection with low input capacitance for high power, high efficacy HBLED lighting applications. Designed as silicon based side mount ESD protectors, the CM1753 is designed for P-up common cathode configurations and the CM1754 provides identical protection for N-up common anode configurations. Their small form factor enables them to be used in all applications, including existing HBLED lamp modules with 1 to 15 LEDs in the string. LuxGuard products for HBLEDs include silicon submounts and side mount TVS diodes. LuxGuard submounts provide integrated ESD protection at levels exceeding 15kV HBM (Human Body Model). The submount also helps to cushion the LED from stress due to thermal expansion coefficient differences between the LED and the lead frame, while the option of an aluminum top coat provides improved reflectivity. CMD also offers TVS diodes mounted next to the LED die within the LED fixture. ESD ratings vary based on die size, and are typically between 8kV and 30kV HBM. LuxGuard products leverage CMD's significant process, design and application knowledge and provide customers superior value of application specific solution, while enjoying the lower costs associated with higher volume, general customer solutions.