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On September 16, 2008, Farm Rich introduced two new frozen-food products: mini stuffed paninis and mini stuffed quesadilla slices. Each Farm Rich mini stuffed panini is made with 100% natural mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses, layered with all-white meat chicken and crispy bacon. These premium ingredients are then seasoned with a savory artichoke pesto sauce, stuffed in an open slice of flatbread, and grilled. Starting with a thin, authentic, tortilla-style crust, each Farm Rich quesadilla slice is stuffed with a special blend of 100% natural mozzarella, cheddar, & Monterrey Jack cheeses. These premium cheeses are then layered with quartered strips of grilled, all- white-meat chicken and zesty tomatillo salsa to produce an irresistible snack or appetizer. Farm Rich's mini stuffed paninis and quesadilla slices are good sources of protein and calcium, and they contain zero trans fat. Both new products have up-to-date, easy-to-use packaging. They are part of the company's lineup of family-sized, stand-up, re-sealable, gusseted bags.