Ford Sync Broadcom Wi-Fi Bluetooth combo chip

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With microprocessors, automobiles have been smart under the hood for a long time now. We are now entering an era when our cars are becoming smarter in the cabin. On January 7, 2010, Broadcom announced that Ford Motor Company is using its BCM4325 Bluetooth + Wi-Fi combination (or combo) chip solution, featuring InConcert technology, to provide wireless connectivity in some of Ford's new vehicles. The Ford Sync system, which is based on the Microsoft Embedded Auto software platform, enables cellular handsets, portable media players and other devices to connect directly to the car's entertainment system for hands-free operation and for sharing media between them. The next-generation of Ford's Sync communications system features the Broadcom BCM4325 solution that adds advanced Wi-Fi functionality for a more enjoyable, convenient, and safer user experience. Advanced media and communications technologies are gaining increased adoption in a broad range of consumer products. One example is the Ford Sync system, which includes capabilities that can greatly enhance the user experience in next generation, innovative autos from Ford. By adding this wireless communications system to its popular vehicles, Ford is driving in-car connectivity to the mass market. The Sync in-car communication system enables safer hands-free operation of many cellular phone handsets and popular digital auto/video players while in the car. Using voice commands, the driver can use integrated Bluetooth to make musical selections, initiate phone conversations and manage other car functions as well. The new Sync version integrates Broadcom Wi-Fi technology enabling consumer electronics devices to connect wirelessly to the system without the need for a USB cable. The wireless capabilities enabled by Broadcom wireless technology in the Sync system transforms the passenger cabin experience, providing convenience for the driver and enjoyable new features for passengers. High performance Wi-Fi capability is built into the vehicle, allowing the system to connect to Internet hot spots or the driver's own home wireless access point when parked, enabling use of the car's built-in web browser. The Sync system also includes Broadcom's soft access point technology that allows the Broadcom enabled Wi-Fi component to serve as an access point so that any device, such as a laptop computer inside the vehicle, can gain wireless Internet access.

The Broadcom BCM4325 combo chip delivers the following key features: Ultra-low power consumption utilizing advanced design techniques that deliver the lowest active and idle power (up to 40% lower consumption than competitive solutions) combined with a software architecture that offloads the host processor to dramatically extend handheld device battery life and reduce memory requirements. Unique InConcert technology that enables collaborative co-existence between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, since both operate in the 2.4 GHz radio frequency range.