Fiberglass-free insulation

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Safetouch fiberglass-free insulation is manufactured by Dow from the same polyester fibers as clothing and bedding. The material is an itch-free alternative to traditional batt insulation. No special protection, gloves, or goggles are required when using Safetouch because the product does not irritate skin and does not create glass dust. It is similar to its fiberglass counterparts in terms of sound deadening capabilities, R-value, and durability, and also offers additional benefits not found in other insulation. Fiberglass-free insulation is flexible; it is easily fitted and repositioned. Safetouch features a friction fit; it holds itself in place in most cases, so there's no need for staples. For ceiling applications it can be stapled or nailed with standard equipment. The material is workable; one can score the facer with a knife then tear by hand. Unfaced batts do not need to be cut and can be torn to length by hand. No gloves, goggles, or special equipment required. Some of the most common areas to use Safetouch include a home's exterior stud walls, sound deadening interior walls, basement walls and ceiling, attic floors, and crawl spaces.