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WiFi VoIP Phone

BroadVoice and Pulver Innovations have introduced a special edition WiSIP phone that is optimized for use with BroadVoice service. In addition to standard VoIP offerings that allow consumers to use their phones anywhere in the world with unlimited domestic calls and lower international rates, BroadVoice provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features.

Given the enormous growth in WiFi locations (both commercial and residential), the BroadVoice WiSIP service provides an unprecedented value proposition to the VoIP community and consumers at large. Entry prices are the best the market has to offer and include an Unlimited In-State plan for $9.95 a month and an Unlimited USA calling plan for $19.95 a month. The WiSIP phone is available with either plan at the introductory price of $149.95 The phone can either be used as a primary BroadVoice line or as a second phone on an existing BroadVoice line using the companies shared line feature.