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WiFi Touch Panel

Crestron's new Isys i/O TPMC-10 WiFi Touch panel is a powerful IP-based mobile control solution in a compact package that's easy to hold and intuitive to use. Providing WPA-ready WiFi compatibility through any 802.11b or g wireless network, the TPMC-10 features embedded PC applications that provide access to the Web and view streaming media while providing easy control of every system in the home, from audio and video distribution to lighting and temperature to security.

The new 10.4 inch Isys i/O TPMC-10 is the most portable member of the Isys i/O family and fuses wireless touch panel control with mobile computing in an alluring and ergonomic design that goes effortlessly from tabletop to laptop.

This personal, portable device is the result of a strong technology partnership between Crestron and ViewSonic. By adding the Windows operating system to the ViewSonic display, Crestron has embedded PC applications that allow the user to access the Web using Internet Explorer, utilize and view streaming media through Windows Media Player, manage e-mail using MS Inbox, and view popular file formats including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat.

The embedded Windows operating system inside the stylish and ergonomic TPMC-10 offers is totally locked-down, eliminating the chance of downloading viruses or mistakenly writing over files - all while providing WPA-ready WiFi compatibility for reliable 2-way high-speed communications through any 802.11b or g wireless network.

Far more than a mere tablet PC, the TPMC-10 is ingeniously designed to provide a powerful IP-based mobile control solution in a compact package that's easy to hold and intuitive to use. The ergonomic shape shifts effortlessly from tabletop to laptop use, featuring a sleek contoured base that rests comfortably across one leg.

Its smart design achieves an optimal viewing angle under any use, with four programmable hard buttons and an integrated thumbpad to provide tactile control of audio volume, channel selection, OSM navigation of DVD and DSS, or even pan/tilt cameras.

To complement its incredible video and computer capabilities, the TPMC-10 delivers great sounding audio from its built-in high-powered tuned-port speaker system, microphone, and stereo headphone output to support mobile entertainment, or even wireless intercom.

Placing the TPMC-10 into its optional docking station provides a convenient charging solution with simplified connectivity to any wired USB mouse and keyboard.

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