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Wi-Fi Tags - Bluesoft AeroScout

Bluesoft announced today its successful delivery and deployment of AeroScout Wi-Fi Tags during the first six months of commercial shipment. AeroScout Tags are unique in their combination of Wi-Fi compatibility and long battery life (up to 5 years).

"The AeroScout WLAN Location System itself allows the location of standard Wi-Fi client devices such as notebooks, PDAs, RFID and barcode scanners. The addition of AeroScout Tags provides the capability to locate any other asset precisely in real time," said Yuval Bar-Gil, Bluesoft's CEO.

One of Bluesoft's premier customers is the Sarnoff Corporation. "We have successfully deployed Bluesoft's AeroScout Tags for tracking personnel in demanding projects. Use of the Wi-Fi frequency enables Bluesoft to provide a low-cost tag with no interference issues," said David Kalokitis, a Sarnoff Corporation program manager.

The applications for Wi-Fi Tags are wide and varied. Manufacturers and distributors can attach tags to reusable containers, tooling, high-value inventory or other assets to improve operational efficiency and save costs. Retailers can use Tags attached to shopping carts to identify immediately the need for more checkout-counter staff when queues at the point of sale are too long, as well as to determine the patterns of movement of shoppers to improve store layout. Theme parks and water parks can rent Tags to visitors so that parents can find their children easily.

"The AeroScout tag is already in use by our customers for asset tracking applications in logistics, office, and retail environments. We are very pleased with the positive feedback from our customers and look forward to many more installations in 2004," said Bar-Gil.

Bluesoft provides Wi-Fi compatible location products that enable indoor and campus location-based applications.