Yenra : Wireless : Wi-Fi Location Network : Child tracking application also designed to optimize theme park layouts and understand visitor behavior


Bluesoft, KidSpotter, and LegoLand have deployed a full-scale child-tracking application within LegoLand Denmark, one of Europe's largest amusement parks. Through this system, visitors to the park can now utilize the power of the world's largest Wi-Fi location network to keep track of their children during their visit. LegoLand Denmark began using the new system upon re-opening the park on March 27 for the 2004 season.

Park guests now have the opportunity to rent small AeroScout Wi-Fi Tags with a wristband that the children wear inside the park. If they become separated, parents simply send a text message (SMS) from their mobile phone, and receive an automated response telling them the accurate location of their child. The parents can then find their child in the appropriate location according to a map they are provided when renting the tags. Feedback from park visitors has been overwhelmingly positive.

The KidSpotter system delivers child tracking and park optimization to theme parks and zoos across the globe, and is unique in the market in terms of the accuracy of the underlying location technology and the functionality offered. The solution is based on Bluesoft, Inc.'s AeroScout System -- the only real-time location system (RTLS) that can accurately locate both standard Wi-Fi devices (such as PDAs and notebooks) and AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based active RFID tags, both indoors and outdoors. Bluesoft's AeroScout System provides enterprise visibility solutions to the theme park industry as well as many other industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, government and corporate environments.