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Attunity today announced the general availability of the Attunity Web Services Gateway, a powerful solution to easily expose legacy applications as reusable and standard Web Services.

The Attunity Web Services Gateway provides simple definition and seamless deployment of legacy functions as standard Web Services. The Web Services Gateway is an integrated component of the Attunity Connect product family and works with all the Attunity Adapters to provide a single, unified solution.

Features and benefits of the Attunity Web Services Gateway include:

"The Attunity Web Services Gateway significantly reduces the cost and complexity of legacy systems interoperability," said Dan Potter, vice president of marketing at Attunity. "Our comprehensive adapter library, together with our new ability to generate Web services with a few simple mouse clicks, enables enterprises to begin to enjoy the benefits of Web services with minimum investment and risk."

Attunity is a leading provider of standards-based integration middleware for accessing mainframe, enterprise data sources and legacy applications. The Attunity Connect product family provides standards-based access to over 35 data sources on 20 different computing platforms. Attunity Connect adapters reside natively on each target platform and provide enterprise-class integration capabilities such as real-time read/write access, distributed transaction management, heterogeneous joins between relational and non-relational data sources, and optimized query execution. Attunity Connect makes legacy systems accessible through SQL and XML based interfaces including JDBC, ODBC, JCA, COM and SOAP.