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Burst Technology announced a new suite of products that help organizations protect their Internet and email infrastructures and prevent costly litigation through pro-active enforcement of web usage and Email policies. Called bt-Enterprise, the new product suite allows organizations to easily make informed decisions on the deployment, use and protection of Internet and Email resources throughout the enterprise.

"The human factor is many times the weakest link of an organization's IT infrastructure," said John Kelly, President of Burst Technology. "bt- Enterprise protects both employers and employees by providing them with an effective set of tools that make written Email and Web surfing policies easy to follow."

bt-Enterprise comprises three components that address Web server log analysis and reporting, Email filtering and Web filtering. These products can work together, or on a stand-alone basis to protect the significant investments made in Internet and Email infrastructures.

bt-LogAnalyzer, the core component of the bt-Enterprise suite, provides organizations with a comprehensive picture of outbound Web activity, helping improve time management and boost productivity. It reads logs for all outbound Web activity and generates categorized graphical reports used to understand existing bandwidth usage in a variety of formats. bt-LogAnalyzer also reports on Exchange Email.

bt-WebFilter enhances network performance by helping employees avoid sites that contain malicious code, sites that may create legal problems, or those that may result in excessive bandwidth consumption. bt-WebFilter offers organizations the flexibility to implement quotas and block user activity on key sites once a pre-defined level of access has been provided.

bt-MailFilter significantly reduces the amount of spam that burdens Email servers and storage devices, stops the spread of bulky or virus-infected attachments, and blocks hazardous downloads. It reduces legal liability by providing an automated means of enforcing written Email policies regarding sharing sensitive data and file attachments.

bt-WebFilter runs on Windows 2000 or 2003 server or standalone release. bt-LogAnalyzer installs on a Windows 2000 or XP Pro workstation.

Burst Technology provides organizations with the insight and analysis necessary to deploy, optimize and protect their Internet and Email resources.