Yenra : Military : Wearable Computers for the Military : U.S. Armed Forces Expand Wearable Computer Initiatives with 2003 Budget Appropriations.


Xybernaut Corporation wil participate in wearable computing initiatives within major branches of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

In its recently issued FY 2003 budget, the Department of Defense appropriated a $3.4 million line-item for efforts associated with deploying wearable computing technologies for field automation applications.

This appropriation represents an extension to a continuous multi-year effort beginning in FY 2001. The budget allocations have doubled each year from approximately $0.9 million in FY 2001 and $1.7 million in FY 2002 to the current $3.4 million level for FY 2003. This specific appropriation relates to one of many areas within the DoD where Xybernaut is actively engaged.

Xybernaut efforts related to these and other DoD, homeland security and non-military government programs span all of the Company's operations including Xybernaut Corporation, Xybernaut Development Corporation (XDC), Xybernaut Solutions Inc. (XSI) and Team Xybernaut -- the Company's community of value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators.

Program elements within the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force often include a combination of wearable computer hardware, software, solutions development, system configuration/testing, project management and integration services.

Xybernaut Mobile Assistant V wearable computers and XSI services form the foundation of various mobile/wearable computing solutions. Programs such as the previously-announced Maintenance Mentoring Systems (MMS-Marine Corps) program and the Remote Technical Assistance Support System (RTASS-Navy) are examples of the types of activities encompassed in Xybernaut DoD initiatives.

Under MMS, Navy and Marine Corps teams are boosting productivity in situations where the amount of technical data required to perform a job exceeds memory retention capabilities or in situations where personnel shortages result in a limited number of mentors/experts available to assist less experienced technicians.

"Xybernaut continues to develop wearable and mobile solutions for our government customers by bringing together hardware and software applications to provide comprehensive computing solutions," stated Edward G. Newman, chairman, president and CEO of Xybernaut. "Our goal is to extend these efforts and increase deployments of wearable computing benefits within existing government customer organizations and new government prospects."

Xybernaut provides wearable/mobile computing hardware, software, and services.