Yenra : Home : Water Features : Purify air, clean water, and create tranquility in the home

Water features purify the air and create tranquility in homes. After ten years of creating large, stainless steel, glass, copper and marble water features for major corporations, Accents in Water has developed smaller, affordable water features that are perfect for homes. The new, smaller units are self-contained and can be located anywhere there is electrical power.

Gary Kiepke, vice president of sales suggests that the elegant water features captivate the imagination and calm the soul. "With over 60 years experience in the custom fabrication industry, we have expanded our horizon into the world of water art. We call it 'healthy art.' All of our water features are environmental systems working as air purifiers, with many of the models equipped with automatic feed water, water purification and bacterial control. The units are actually very beneficial to human health."

Says Kiepke, "Many of our long-time customers have chosen our water features to add life to dull rooms and health to their homes. While they purchase the features to beautify their homes, they welcome the calming effect water has on their family. One homeowner installed a water feature in the entertainment room to provide her family a tranquil alternative to television. People, across the country, are finding they like the soothing affect the sounds and visuals that cascading water creates."

According to AIW engineers, the sound impact varies depending on location. They state the sound intensity varies from powerful to silent. Some people install features that are totally silent, wanting the subtlety and elegance of water in their living rooms. Some install a feature to make all the sounds of water's energy.

Says David Heldt, product development of Accents in Water (now part of Kloppenberg), "After years of tweaking the engineering without compromising the impact or health-giving components, we are pleased to bring 'dancing water' to an affordable size for homeowners. What we build are state-of-the-art water features, what we sell is good health and tranquility."