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VoIP Software

StanaPhone Communications announced details of the next version of their software, which uses Voice over IP technology and works with standard personal computers running Windows coupled with a PC headset.

Effective immediately, StanaPhone replaces its initial offering with a $2.00 monthly credit per telephone number. This credit is applied to calls made to non-StanaPhone numbers within the United States and international destinations, based on StanaPhone's low per-minute rates. Once the credit is depleted, a user has the option to purchase additional call time or wait until the beginning of the next month when he or she gets another $2.00 credit. StanaPhone's Account Manager feature enables users to view their account information online 24/7 and see how many calls have been made and the corresponding details. Incoming calls to a StanaPhone number are free and unlimited regardless of their origin or the user's credit balance.

The new version of StanaPhone includes two new features: call forwarding and free voice mail.

When a StanaPhone user is not able to accept an incoming call, the calling party can leave a voice mail message and these messages are sent as voice file attachments to the e-mail address associated with the user's account.

When call forwarding is enabled, the call is automatically transferred to the phone number of the user's choice.