VoIP Headset Adapter

VoIP Headset Adapter
VoIP Headset Adapter

On October 10, 2017, Antlion Audio announced ModMic Business, developed to meet the needs of small business users or home office workers.

The problems associated with using a computer’s built-in microphone and speakers are numerous and well-known by anyone familiar with daily conference call etiquette – most notably – audio feedback and echo. ModMic Business turns virtually any existing headphones into a high-performance VoIP headset, delivering superior audio clarity and comfort over long periods of use.

Perfect for business or home office, the noise-cancelling, studio quality microphone captures the full range of voice while filtering out background distractions, delivering a clear, lifelike audio experience. The new ModMic Business ensures more effective communications, more productive meetings, improved outcomes in call center environments, and highly professional presentation in any home or office setting.

ModMic Business Features:

  • Eliminates Background Noise: The ModMic Business features a uni-directional microphone that only lets in sound from one direction, radically reducing or eliminating noise that comes from other sources in the room.
  • USB Included: We’ve bundled a powered USB adapter in every box. The USB adapter will improve the call quality without the need for dedicated sound cards, mixers, or audio interface devices, saving time and money.
  • In-Line Mute: Our easy-to-reach mute switch will instantly mute your audio, perfect for handling any unexpected interruptions on your daily calls.
  • Magnetic Clasp System: The ModMic Business features a patented magnetic clasp system that allows you to easily attach or remove your ModMic from any headphone. With just a twist of the wrist the ModMic can be removed and headphones used everywhere you go.
  • Universal: Works with PC, Mac, thin client enterprise VoIP or unified communications setting.

Antlion Audio believes that business users should have the option to use the headphones they love and still enjoy high-quality audio.