Yenra : VoIP : VoIP Gateway : Broadband device combines access for Voice over IP and Internet via Fiber and DSL for consumers and small business

VoIP Gateway

A new broadband access device has been designed to combine multiple voice and data technologies into one unit including Voice over IP (VoIP), ADSL Internet access, wireless networking and alternate access such as Fiber to the Premises (FTTP).

TriLink Gateway from Westell Technologies integrates multiple broadband technologies into a single device that enables self-installable wireless/wired networking for home or small businesses without the need to purchase multiple devices.

The product provides the following benefits:

Product features for the new TriLink Gateway include four Ethernet ports with managed switch, one dedicated WAN/LAN Ethernet port for wide area network access and/or Fiber applications, 54 Mbps Wi-Fi 802.11g wireless service, built-in Quality of Service (QoS) for managing multiple, simultaneous applications, optional USB port, two RJ11 jacks for use with conventional telephones to access voice over IP(a) (VoIP).