Yenra : VoIP : VoIP Chips : Programmable single channel integrated voice connectivity for analog phones combine SLIC and codec functionality

VoIP Chips

The newest members of Legerity's VE880 Voice Port Series, the Le88111, Le88116, Le88131 and Le88136 provide VoIP connectivity to analog phones. These VoicePort products are the world's first solutions to combine SLIC and codec functionality into a single device. The new single channel devices increase design flexibility, improve system performance, and reduce system cost.

The new VoicePort devices, with pin-compatible options for 100V or 150V, as well as narrow band or wide band, provide designers the flexibility to develop one application with population options for any market worldwide. In addition to design flexibility, these feature-rich VoicePort devices are highly programmable, simplifying software development, minimizing development time, and speeding time-to-market.