Yenra : VoIP : VoIP Wi-Fi Phones : Certified telephone handset with color LCD display uses system-on-chip for small footprint and reduced power consumption

VoIP Wi-Fi

Atmel and Senao announced a new family of Wi-Fi phone products based on Atmel's AT76C901 and AT76C902 wireless VoIP chips.

Senao's Wi-Fi product portfolio, incorporating Atmel's chips, includes monochrome and color-display wireless VOIP phones and access points. These products are targeted at IP telephony service providers and carriers demanding customizable services.

As the demand for VoIP has grown, Senao has invested heavily in VoIP research and development. The company recently launched their new line of Wi-Fi VoIP handsets, the SI-680H, 681H and 682H. The introduction highlighted the SI-682H handset using Atmel's next-generation SoC chipset design. The handset features a large, 26mm color LCD display. When supported by an ITSP, users may also send and receive PSTN calls. Its advanced voice compression provides high quality voice and penetration of most firewall environments for wireless PC connection delivering a cost-effective VoIP solution.