Yenra : VoIP : Voice Quality Measurement Software : VoIP adopters should be using software to measure voice quality

Voice Quality

The vast majority of organizations that have implemented Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony do not measure the quality of the voice calls, according to Psytechnics, the voice quality measurement specialist.

Based on a survey of 185 respondents, 95 percent do not have voice quality measurement capability based on Mean Opinion Score (MOS), but rather count on legacy data network management systems. Lack of voice quality network management capability undermines the value of the initial VoIP investment, as companies cannot ensure acceptable communications for staff and customers.

Psytechnics found that a lack of awareness about the products available was the most common reason for not implementing measurement solutions (76%), followed by MOS voice quality measurement not being available from suppliers (14%). Other organizations stated that guaranteeing a certain level of voice quality was not considered a priority (5%).

Measuring voice quality enables enterprises to achieve an optimal mix of voice and data without damaging VoIP service quality. Routing decisions can be made intelligently, trouble spots can be quickly identified and meaningful service level agreements can be set, which leads to reduced maintenance overhead and more satisfied customers.