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Visual Simulation

Vega Prime is an extendible, cross-platform, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) C++ development environment. Vega Prime's toolkit approach includes MultiGen-Paradigm's advanced low-level scene graph VSG (Vega Scene Graph), as well as a high level abstraction API and GUI configuration tool LynX Prime. Vega Prime delivers a wide range of scalable and customizable features designed specifically for the stringent requirements of visual simulation, sensor simulation, simulation based training, and urban simulation.

The functionality delivered with Vega Prime 2 provides numerous improvements and features aimed directly at providing visual simulation developers with the capabilities required for effective simulation and training system development including advanced statistics, audio capability, and support for the latest compilers and operating systems. Multiple productivity-driven enhancements have also been implemented that significantly reduce the resources and effort required to develop realtime 3D applications.

Vega Prime has always provided customers with the ability develop or deploy on multiple platforms using the same code. Now, Vega Prime 2 also provides numerous updates designed to ensure optimal performance regardless of the choice of platform.

Vega Prime 2 includes features aimed at providing users the most realism possible in their realtime 3D applications. Rain and snow effects, shadows, and advanced use of hardware shaders are all examples of Vega Prime users' ability to easily and effectively take advantage of the latest advances in software and hardware technology.

"In today's high pressure, short timeframe visual simulation marketplace, it has become clear that opting for low cost, low functionality scene graph technology does not provide users the productivity and return on investment delivered with a full application development toolkit. Vega Prime provides the means for developers to focus on the specifics of an application, rather than spending time reinventing the wheel to provide the application's common essentials," said Christian Cole of MultiGen-Paradigm. "Despite the low up front cost for these options, a much higher cost is paid over the length of a project in terms of resources, reusability, and productivity."

Vega Prime 2 is planned for availability in January 2005 for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, SGI IRIX, and Red Hat Enterprise 3 Linux users.

MultiGen-Paradigm (acquired by CAE) provides commercial-off-the-shelf, realtime 3D simulation software tools and solutions to interactively create and run visual and sensor simulation, simulation-based training, urban simulation, and 3D GIS visualization applications.