Yenra : Software : Virtual Reality : CFD post processor uses wireless tablet application interface with navigation performed using a wand and head tracking


FieldView eXtreme from Intelligent Light is a powerful CFD post-processing and visualization solution for use in virtual environments. The system allows CFD engineers to exploit powerful, multi-pipe, parallel systems and visualization environments. The product fits right into users' existing workflow because users will find all the functionality they depend on in FieldView. Users and their data can move seamlessly and comfortably between their desktop and virtual environment.

The post processor is being demonstrated using the Viz3D display from VizEverywhere, SGI, and industry standard tracking and navigation hardware. With this new software and hardware solution, complex FieldView data can be explored as never before.

"This is the first CFD post-processor to bring the complete set of capabilities from a desktop tool to a virtual environment," said Allen Bierbaum of Infiscape. "FieldView eXtreme enables more organizations to take advantage of immersive environments to obtain a deeper understanding of their data. By introducing this capability, Intelligent Light is allowing engineering organizations to increase the return on their visualization investments."

Large scale, immersive visualization empowers people to work collaboratively and intuitively. It is also a powerful tool for sharing insights about complex phenomena among non-experts. Virtual reality facilities and large-scale visualization are being used for exploring simulation results and increasingly has become a favorite tool of senior management in reviewing projects and making decisions.

According to Jay Horowitz at NASA's Glenn Research Center, "FieldView eXtreme empowers CFD engineers to better understand complex and voluminous data, and will enable them to share their models with associates/managers who may not be domain experts. Simulations in virtual reality can present good science in an exciting and accessible way."

"Customers have been developing VR capability within their engineering organizations for some time now, but the investments have seldom affected the teams responsible for fluid flow engineering," said Steve Legensky, founder and general manager of Intelligent Light. "FieldView eXtreme will deliver the power and ease of use that customers have been asking for and will help CFD Engineering come to the forefront of their organization's focus."

Intelligent Light set out to deliver an application with unmatched power and ease of use . . . an application that would exploit the latest parallel rendering technology and allow existing FieldView users to achieve new insights and breakthrough productivity without compromising desktop functionality.

"Fieldview eXtreme makes challenging models easier to interact with and interpret," said Dorothy Carney at Glenn Research Center. "To be effective, scientific visualizations at NASA must improve understanding, enable communication, and enhance decision making. A beauty of Fieldview eXtreme is that researchers can comfortably move data from their desktop into a virtual reality environment, for added detail and depth, without having to learn a new software package."

Mark Stewart of QSS Group continues, "I have been impressed with the sense of the flow field that I get using FieldView eXtreme in our Fakespace RAVE. The scale, immersion, and interactive navigation allow me to quickly understand both overall flow and significant flow details. When working with a group, insights can be quickly and clearly communicated using FieldView eXtreme. As a FieldView user, I was immediately productive when moving from my desktop to the FieldView eXtreme environment."

"Combining power and ease of use has been a hallmark of FieldView for years, so it is essential that we respect our large and established user base and avoid forcing major changes to our customers' workflows. FieldView eXtreme will provide users with advanced functionality without sacrificing usability," Legensky emphasized.

"Intelligent Light recognizes our responsibility to ensure that the application is tested and supported using a wide variety of system, display, and interface products," continues Legensky. "To ensure our customers' productivity, we have worked closely with leading providers of display and interface devices, including tracking hardware."

Supporting the value of the vendor collaboration, Jeff Eisenhard of VizEverywhere said, "We are excited by the potential of high quality, workflow-friendly software like FieldView eXtreme to be paired with the VizEverywhere line of high quality, cost-effective stereo displays."

Intelligent Light provides the scientific and engineering community with tools for understanding data and communicating results.