Yenra : Medical : Venipuncture : IV simulation system trains clinicians by simulating both the look and the feel of intravenous access procedures


Immersion Medical has introduced a new version of its CathSim AccuTouch System, which trains clinicians by simulating both the look and feel of intravenous access procedures.

The newly styled system has a sleeker look and requires fewer cables, which enhances portability. In response to customer requests, the use of safety needles has been incorporated into software modules for teaching procedures on several patient types and for assessing IV skills. The CathSim system uses the most popular brands of safety needles, so trainees learn with the same products they will find on the job.

Dr. Jean Weyman at Boston College's School of Nursing said: "Using the CathSim system, we believe our continuing education courses for practicing nurses are extremely effective; we always receive high marks from attendees. It's very powerful when you can show someone step-by-step how a procedure should be done, exactly how it should feel when you're doing it, and all the small details that should be considered before, during, and after. If you can do that, you can send attendees away feeling confident in what they've learned. The CathSim system lets us do that. We love the system."

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, approximately 600,000 unplanned needle sticks occur every year. It is expected that safety needles could dramatically reduce that number. Training in their proper use will be a key to their success.

"For years, customer enthusiasm for our CathSim system has been very high," said Richard Vogel of Immersion Medical. "We will continue to enhance and improve our product, supporting our customers with the best technology and service possible."

The CathSim AccuTouch System provides cognitive and motor skills training supported by best-practice videos, audible patient responses, real-time views that show underlying anatomy and needle angle, and realistic force feedback that lets students feel the pop of venipuncture. These technological innovations are supported by a strong and comprehensive didactic component.

Separate modules, each including several cases, teach procedures for intravenous access for adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients. A skills assessment module measures the cognitive and motor skills required for successful IV therapy performance. Practice on the CathSim system can supply a broad range of experience in a compressed time frame; its use in continuing education can help keep skills fresh.

Immersion Medical designs, manufactures, and markets computer-based medical training simulation systems that integrate proprietary computer software and tactile feedback robotics to create highly realistic medical procedure simulations that help train clinicians.

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