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Today, Coca-Cola launches Vanilla Coke, the first new flavor extension of Coca-Cola Classic brand in 16 years. Reminiscent of drinks from 1950s soda fountains, Vanilla Coke offers the same true taste of Coca-Cola Classic with a hint of vanilla flavor.

"Consumers tell us that they love the taste of Coca-Cola Classic with the addition of vanilla flavor," said Ed Shartar, President and CEO, Coca-Cola Ltd. "We want to appeal to consumers' desire for variety while still enjoying the great taste of Coca-Cola."

Natural vanilla flavor extracted from vanilla beans creates the distinctive flavor of the new Vanilla Coke. The Coca-Cola Company's research shows that consumers overwhelmingly like the taste of Vanilla Coke. Three out of four people indicated that they would purchase the new drink.

Vanilla Coke is being launched in the United States today, on the 116th anniversary of The Coca-Cola Company, at the Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfet, Connecticut. Vanilla Coke will be available in Canada just in time for summer and will be produced at plants across the country.

The packaging for Vanilla Coke is linked to Coca-Cola Classic through some familiar design elements. The brand name "Coke" appears for the first time ever in the Coca-Cola Spencerian script. The dynamic ribbon device or "wave design" reinforces the connection to the Coca-Cola brand. The company also announced the new graphic look for the Cherry Coke soft drink brand, consistent with the design elements of Vanilla Coke packaging.

This is the fourth flavor innovation in colas for the world's most popular soft drink. Coca-Cola Canada introduced Diet Coke in 1982; Cherry Coke in 1986 and Diet Coke with Lemon in October 2001.

Vanilla Coke will be supported by an integrated marketing program that will include television advertising debuting in Canada this summer.

Look for Vanilla Coke wherever Coca-Cola products are sold. It will be available in 591 mL and 2 Litre PET bottles and 12- and 24- can packages.