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TestMart announced today a new listing tool and a variety of selling services for test and measurement equipment sellers on eBay. Under the one-year renewable agreement with eBay, individuals and organizations wishing to sell their test and measurement equipment on eBay will have access to an enhanced listing tool that will allow the user to include detailed specifications and photos extracted from TestMart's industry-leading database of test equipment information. This application will give sellers the opportunity to greatly enhance their item listings on eBay, and increase overall sales of test and measurement equipment. TestMart's application is enabled by the eBay application program interface (API) and certified by the eBay Developers Program.

Through the agreement with eBay, TestMart is offering additional selling services to eBay users including -- enhanced marketing, product verification, and calibration. The enhanced marketing services gives sellers the ability to use the TestMart tools to place their items for sale not only on the eBay site but also on a customized TestMart/eBay storefront. This storefront will be developed and hosted on the TestMart website. Sellers who take advantage of the enhanced marketing option may elect to have TestMart proactively market their items to tens of thousands of targeted prospective buyers culled from TestMart's proprietary database of over one million users. TestMart will also offer its industry-leading verification and calibration services to eBay users, which guarantees that a unit will be delivered in working condition, with a fresh, NIST-traceable calibration. As an example, an eBay seller would be able to ship a unit -- say an oscilloscope -- for verification and calibration, before listing the item for sale on eBay. The initial set of these services are available starting December 2003, and will be promoted by eBay and TestMart.

In addition to online marketplaces, TestMart develops strategic, Web-based sales channels for test equipment providers. TestMart has developed strategic sales channels for significant equipment providers, such as the U.S. Navy and Anritsu Corp.

"The eBay initiative allows us to leverage much of the work we have been doing in the test and measurement community over the last five years," said Peter Ostrow, President and CEO of TestMart. "By combining TestMart's content, logistics and marketing support with the huge buyer and seller user bases represented by the combined TestMart/eBay test and measurement initiative, we have created a set of powerful tools for buyers and sellers of test equipment through eBay."

eBay has nearly 86 million registered users and offers a wide selection of equipment and supplies in the test and measurement category. With more than 10,000 listings of test and measurement equipment every week, buyers are discovering that eBay is a great place to find significant savings on a broad range of items -- from oscilloscopes, analyzers, meters, to sensors, power meters, and signal generators.

"We decided to team up with TestMart because of their reputation inside the test and measurement community as a leader in the development of online tools for buying and selling equipment," said Patrick Jabal, senior manager of Test & Measurement category for eBay. "Their expertise in Web development, marketing and logistics, combined with their vast databases of information on test equipment, made them an ideal candidate to help us serve our community more effectively."

The eBay Developers Program enables third-party developers to create innovative solutions that tap into the power of eBay.

TestMart is the leading marketplace builder, operator and service provider for the test and measurement industry.