Yenra : Medical : Portable Ultrasound : High resolution flexible efficient hand-carried system weighs eight pounds and is the size of a laptop computer


At less than eight pounds and the size of a laptop computer, SonoSite's latest hand-carried ultrasound system delivers image resolution and performance comparable to costly, conventional cart-based ultrasound systems weighing over 200 pounds. The power of MicroMaxx provides caregivers with flexibility and efficiency in utilizing ultrasound in both hospital and office-based settings.

The Company's Chip Fusion technology integrates digital signal processing and multiple ultrasound functions into a custom ASIC microchip, resulting in high performance in a less costly, powerful hand-carried unit.

The system and its transducers are designed to withstand real-world use, including being dropped onto a hard surface and continuing to function. SonoSite's proven history of durability and reliability, and the high level of integration of its third generation ASICs comes with a standard five-year warranty.

Doctor Catherine M. Otto remarked: "The image resolution and color Doppler are superb and something I did not expect to find in a hand-carried unit. The MicroMaxx is easy to use with simple, clear controls. Getting comfortable with this sophisticated instrument took me less than ten minutes."

By integrating multiple, complex ultrasound functions onto a single ASIC, SonoSite has reduced space, weight, and power requirements while offering high resolution imaging. A 128-channel beamformer, the complex front end of an ultrasound system, is integrated into four proprietary postage stamp-sized ASIC chips, something typically requiring several circuit boards in the larger systems. Additionally, the system is ready for scanning in seconds and can operate on battery power for up to four hours.

SonoSite produces hand-carried ultrasound systems.